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Key Notes: 22 October 2021

22nd October 2021

Covid Cases increasing

You will no doubt be aware that Covid cases nationally and locally are rising, particularly in the 11-16 age group. Whilst we have been very fortunate with the low numbers of cases we have had since September; we are not immune from this effect and our numbers are rising too. It is therefore increasingly important that pupils keep testing themselves regularly, including over half term. Often a positive lateral flow test is the first indication that someone has Covid-19 and the experience of local schools has been that if not discovered it can spread through friendship groups and classes very quickly. On a similar note, a reminder that vaccinations are due to take place on November 3rd – if you want your child to be vaccinated to reduce their chance of missing school and/or passing on Coronavirus please use this link to give your consent before midday on 2nd Nov:  You will need the unique code number: EE137527 which identifies MVC.

Enrichment Activities

There will be some changes to the enrichment activities after Half-term as follows:

Tuesday:Rugby changing to Basketball and Year 11 Physics Booster

Wednesday: Year 11 Biology Booster

There is no need to book for these, just turn up and the register there.


Well done to all the Y11 pupils who have completed their personal statements. A number of these are with tutors who will be providing feedback. Pupils will begin applying to college courses from 22nd November onwards (after their mocks) using the online platform in school. They will be able to complete their applications over the following 3 weeks either in school or at home. Here are some upcoming open events:

Post 16 Centre




November 3rd


Comberton Village College 6th Form

November 3rd


College of West Anglia - Cambridge

November 6th


College of West Anglia - Wisbech

November 20th


CRC Cambridge

November 20th


CRC Cambridge - Apprenticeships

November 25th


Ski Trip 2022 Payment Reminder

Please note that the next ski trip instalment is due on 25th October. Thanks to everyone who has already paid.

Y11 Mock exams

The mock exam timetable has been sent to pupils and parents/carers via MVC SchoolPost. It is also available on our website here. Mock exams start on Mon 8th November and last 2 weeks. We encourage pupils to rest over the half term break but suggest some revision would be sensible. Pupils have received an example revision calendar/timetable they can use and adapt. Parents may find this video about effective revision helpful. Please check that your child in Y11 has a clear pencil case, a calculator, pens, pencils, protractor, ruler and compass ready for the exams.

Year 11 health and social care class have been looking at a range of revision techniques. Here is what one group produced when they were tasked to write everything they knew about the exam topic on the tables and then identify any gaps in their learning. Everything cleaned off easily – but perhaps don’t try this technique at home!


Just before half term Dr Wilson, our new Acting Head of Department, visited Barrington Primary School and helped year 5 and year 6 pupils build torches, as part of their KS2 Electricity topic.  Dr Wilson also brought a Wimshurst machine to show pupils how static electricity could be produced in a classroom, then proceeded to ‘shock’ them with that static!  Dr Wilson will be visiting other local feeder primaries this coming year, supporting teachers and enthusing pupils with his ‘shocking’ Science!

Year 11 class 11T1 have, since the start of term, amassed 276 hours of online learning, involving over 4,700 sections completed and over 54,000 correct answers on Seneca Learning.  This is a new record!  Well done to the class: Dr Wilson is very impressed!

Physical Education

Pupils have made an excellent start to the year in PE. They have finished their first units and will be starting new ones after half term. All pupils have been told which 2 sports they will be starting when we return. Please ensure that all pupils have their PE kits and any extra safety equipment they require on the days they have PE.  Any pupils who cannot take part in PE, must bring a note, or parents/carers can email their PE teacher or Those pupils unable to take part must still change into their PE kit (except swimmers) so that they can be part of the lesson and help with coaching, officiating and scoring. An outer layer will be permitted for those not able to participate, so they can keep warm. As the weather is deteriorating this also means that if pupils get wet during the PE lesson, they have dry school uniform to change back into.

Our Year 11 boys football team successfully hosted Cambridge’s Stephen Perse school on Tuesday in the English Small Schools Cup. This capped five weeks of football matches for our upper-school boys this term. With several local schools still not able to attend their sports fixtures since the lockdowns, this is a good return, particularly for our GCSE students. 

A special thank you to the Parish Council and Melbourn Dynamos football team for allowing us to access the pavilion and nets etc on the local recreation ground. We have won 60% of our games and been competitive in each. Well done to the Year 11 boys, who have now reached the last stage of the National Small School Cup! Special mentions to Bradley, Alan, Ben, Ryan and hat-trick hero Henry. PE teacher Mr Barlow has worked with Mr Kennedy, Head of Year 11 to consistently stress the school’s three keys to success; being ready, respectful and responsible. Mr Barlow said “We had a frank conversation at half-time and I hope the boys continue to mature as we step up our preparations for the next round”.

Construction of the new £800,000 4G artificial pitch is nearing completion, and on track to finish at the end of November. Stones and tarmac have been laid and the contractors have started installing the artificial grass carpets. Flood lighting is up and landscaping is underway. Pupils are very much looking forward to using the 100m x 64m floodlit pitch for lessons and enrichment sessions, and it will also be a fantastic facility for the local community.

Primary Netball Festival

On Monday night MVC hosted the first primary event since before Covid-19.  Five teams entered the South Cambs Partnership Netball tournament. It turned out to be a wet night, but all the teams coped very well with the conditions and played some excellent netball.

The Melbourn VC sports leaders from year 10 officiated the event, their roles were to umpire, score and time the games. They did a fantastic job and we had some great feedback from the primary schools.

Congratulations to Thriplow 1 who won the tournament, and well done to Foxton 1&2, Thriplow 2, and Melbourn for taking part and being excellent sportsmen and women.

We look forward to future netball events and the Year 5 and 6 Football tournament in November.

New Girls Football Session

Head coach of Football Fun Factory, Glenn Sullivan, will be starting up a girls’ football programme at Bassingbourn Village College on Tuesdays from 5-6pm starting on 2nd November. The sessions are open to all girls aged 5-12 years. You can register your child for a 3-week free trial at here or email

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We encourage pupils to rest and enjoy their holidays. Fresh air, exercise, seeing friends and family, exploring interests and hobbies can all help promote positive mental health and wellbeing. If a young person has been gaming for the whole holidays it will be difficult for them to transition back into school in November! Thank you for supporting this. Please see some information about YOUnited, a new local children and young people’s mental health partnership at the end of this newsletter.

Cambridge Half Marathon

On Sunday 17th October, Dr Dyer (MVC Science Technician) finished the Cambridge Half Marathon in a time of 2 hours 35 seconds, 1 minute faster than last year! She said that it was an amazing experience with all the crowds supporting the athletes along the streets of the city, through the iconic colleges and to Grantchester. In particular, she thanked Mr Thompson and his Disco band who were playing uplifting music along Queens Road! She was part of a team of 109 people raising money for Tom’s Trust, a local charity who support families whose child has been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis. If you would like to support her efforts, please visit the fundraising page.

Thank You!

As it’s half term I’d like to extend some sincere thank you’s to a number of people. Firstly, the pupils for the way they have settled back into full time school and our new routines. The vast majority have worked really hard in lessons and have been very accepting of the inconveniences around wearing masks etc. Their diligence has played its part in keeping our case numbers so low. I’d also like to thank you for the support that you have given them, helping them to get back into routines, doing homework, remembering masks etc. Finally, I’d like to thank the MVC staff who have worked so hard to keep things as normal as possible, particularly during the last couple of weeks when we have begun to suffer more with absence (both pupil and staff). During this time the staff have shown their very real commitment to our pupils, stepping up to ensure that the absences have minimal effect on the pupils.

I hope that you and your children have an enjoyable and safe half term and look forward to welcoming everyone back to MVC on Monday 1st November.

Have a good weekend,

Simon Holmes

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