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Exam Changes for Summer series 2022

In response to the loss of learning due to the pandemic, our current year 11 pupils may not be assessed on the full syllabus of their subjects this year.  Each subject has published the changes, if any, and below we hope to summarise them for you.

The following link has good details about most subjects; where we think more clarification is needed, we have put notes underneath the link.  The BBC ask you first to choose the subject name and then the exam board - please use the KS4 parental handbook to check the exam board if you are unsure (pupils should know their board).

GCSE 2022: Exam changes, dates and advance information - BBC Bitesize


Content on papers:

Pupils should familiarise themselves with the formula sheets too





Please download the content from the side menu - sheet named Statistics 2022.


Further Maths:

Content on papers:

Formula sheet


English Language:

 Language paper 1 – Fiction paper: Section A = Reading / Section B = Creative Writing. No change from previous years.

 Language paper 2 – 1Non-Fiction paper: Section A = Reading / Section B = Transactional Writing. AQA have released information, for this year only, to inform pupils that the writing section will be in the form of an article.


English Literature:

AQA have allowed schools to remove a unit, which has meant that both papers will be vastly different this year from previous years.

Pupils at MVC will NOT be assessed in the Poetry Anthology section (Cluster Poetry – Power & Conflict). They will be assessed in ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘An Inspector Calls’, ‘Macbeth’ and the Unseen Poetry.



Section B – Blood Brothers

*AQA have released information for this year only about the extract that pupils will be assessed on for Section B:

Act Two

Start: (page number 68)

The classroom sequence breaks up as we see Mrs Lyons staring at a piece of paper. Edward is standing before her.

Mrs Lyons (incredulously) Suspended? Suspended?

(She looks at the paper.) Because of a locket.

Finish: (page number 75)

Edward Come on then… ma…


Media Studies:

to be confirmed



Please download the content from the side menu - sheet named Food 2022.



Please download the content from the side menu - sheet named Mandarin 2022



Please download the content from the side menu - sheet named Psychology 2022






General Exam Information

Examinations are a very important part of your time at Melbourn Village College. This section is designed to provide easy access to up-to-date information on examinations. A number of documents which provide important information on what to expect during examinations are available to download in the panel on the left of this page. Important documents covering the current JCQ rules and regulations can also be found below. These rules and regulations must be adhered to by all pupils taking examinations at MVC. The college provides an internal appeals procedure which is available on the left.

The Government has published a blog post specifically for parents of pupils taking their GCSE exams. It covers why the grades are changing, how they compare with the A*-G scale and how the combined science grade with look. You can read it here

A video produced last year offering guidance for candidates is still relevant to those taking exams this summer and we recommend that pupils watch it below.”

OCR, Cambridge University, NSPCC and Manchester Metropolitan University have published The Complete Parent's Guide to GCSEs. The primary goal of the guide is to give parents expert advice to support their children emotionally and academically.

This page is for information about examinations. For details of Melbourn's exam performance, please click here

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