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As you may have heard, exams for the current Year 11 are scheduled to go ahead next summer, albeit slighter later than usual, starting straight after the May half-term.

Given what happened this summer and with cases of Covid 19 rising, we cannot impress on Year 11 pupils enough the importance of taking this autumn's mock exams extremely seriously. If next summer's exams are cancelled for any reason, the results of the November mocks are likely to play a very important part in determining pupils' final grades - not to mention the fact these grades are used by post-16 providers to help decide whether to offer pupils a place for higher levels of study.

This year's mock exams start on Monday November 9th and run until Monday November 23rd. The timtable is available to download from this page.

OCR, Cambridge University, NSPCC and Manchester Metropolitan University have just published The Complete Parent's Guide to GCSEs . The primary goal of the guide is to give parents expert advice to support their children emotionally and academically.

This page is for information about examinations. For details of Melbourn's exam performance, please click here

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