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As you will have heard, exams for the current Year 11 have been cancelled and instead replaced with Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) this year.  

We will do everything necessary in order to ensure the process for awarding TAGs is transparent and fair to all pupils.

The policy and process comply with the JCQ guidance and the Cam Academy Trust framework - both of these, along with the MVC TAG policy,  are available to download from the side of this page.

We have drawn up a timetable for the assessments we will use to help determine grades.  These assessments will take place over the next six weeks up to half term.  In common with all other schools in the local area we have agreed that:

  • Year 11 pupils will continue to receive their usual timetabled education provision in school up to and including Friday May 28th
  • Year 11 pupils must be available to attend school during normal timetabled school hours upon request from Monday June 7th to Friday 18th June. This may be to review, complete or update any assessments in support of the evidence needed for ‘Teacher Assessed Grades’, or for other educational activities linked to progression or preparation for the next phase.
  • Year 11 students and families should be aware that some 16-19 providers may offer or run transition or ‘bridging’ activities or events during June and July and should be mindful of that when making plans.

Also available are the JCQ guidance documents for parents and pupils, the recent letter sent to parents and a copy of the timetable for assessments over the next six weeks.

It is important that pupils and parents understand that the assessments are important, but that they do not constitute the entire evidence on which grades will be based - much assessment has already been completed. 

Teachers will follow all the exam board and JCQ guidance about the determination of grades and it is important that pupils, and parents, understand that they should not try to influence the process, as this will be considered as exams malpractice.

Results Day: 12th August 2021

We will let pupils know the process of collection/receiving their results nearer the time.


OCR, Cambridge University, NSPCC and Manchester Metropolitan University have just published The Complete Parent's Guide to GCSEs . The primary goal of the guide is to give parents expert advice to support their children emotionally and academically.

This page is for information about examinations. For details of Melbourn's exam performance, please click here

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