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Rewards and Sanctions

All staff at Melbourn Village College are committed to providing an environment where all pupils feel safe and secure and are able to thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect. An integral part of that is a spirit of partnership and co-operation which helps all parties feel valued and part of a
wider community. Good behaviour and discipline are at the heart of all successful communities, based on respect for oneself and others.

The whole ethos of Melbourn Village College is underpinned by our 3 keys to success:

  1. Be ready
  2. Be respectful
  3. Be responsible

The language used when discussing behaviour with pupils is focused around these school-wide expectations to re-enforce their importance, and to prepare our pupils for life after Melbourn Village College.

Formal Rewards

Encouragement, praise and reward are an essential part of positive behaviour and have a motivational role in helping pupils to realise that good effort is valued and acknowledged. Verbal praise and encouragement should be used as often as possible in lessons to acknowledge the
successes of pupils.

In addition to verbal praise, staff will be able to award pupils with the ‘above and beyond’ merit for contributions both inside and outside of lessons. This merit will be recorded on Go4Schools by the awarding member of staff and will be worth +1 point. These will accumulate toward merit certificates at the end of each half term.

For a particularly outstanding piece of work/high level of effort, staff may wish to make a ‘positive referral’. This will involve sending the pupil to a member of SLT with the piece of work to show it off! The pupil will then receive an SLT ‘well done’ postcard to take home to share this success with their parents/carers.

Termly celebration assemblies are used to celebrate pupil achievement in the broadest sense, recognising academic achievement in subjects, positive points achievement, attendance, extracurricular involvement and contribution to school life. Pupils receive certificates in the assemblies
as well as invitations to celebration events to reward progress within each Key Stage.

There is an annual Key Stage 4 Presentation Evening in the Autumn Term. This is a formal occasion attended by staff, pupils and parents. Formal Examination certificates and subject prizes for Year 11 are presented at this time. In addition to the above, we also appreciate and encourage the use of:

  • individual and public praise in lessons
  • display of pupil work
  • Head of Department/ Head of Year input in lessons and whole group praise


Wherever possible, staff will always accentuate the positive, but inevitably there are occasions when sanctions are necessary. Day-to-day sanctions are based upon three school-wide expectations designed to help pupils develop good learning habits for life. It is therefore expected that pupils will observe school rules both in school and when representing the Melbourn Village College in any way when not on school property. It is considered good practice for a member of staff to make contact with a parent/carer if a behaviour persists.

A range of sanctions may be used by staff in order to tackle and discourage inappropriate behaviour both inside and outside of lessons. These include:

  • Verbal admonishment
  • Written feedback
  • Communication with parents
  • Detentions
  • Reports
  • Community Service
  • Isolation
  • Twilight Programme
  • Fixed Term Exclusions and
  • Permanent Exclusion

The aim is always to use the sanction that is the most appropriate to tackle the behaviour in question and will involve appropriate restorative work. The school reserves the right to recommend that a pupil is removed from a bus. Mobile phones are now banned for pupils on the school site and any pupil who is using their mobile phone during the school day will be challenged, and the phone confiscated. Parents are encouraged to call the school office if they need to pass a message to their child.

All staff must ensure that the school environment is safe and conducive to learning and staff will challenge any pupil who is not meeting the school expectations in terms of conduct and behaviour.  Class teachers should use a variety of classroom management techniques to ensure a purposeful and positive learning environment and where needed supplemented by whole-school systems. Pupils will be given a maximum of 2 warnings in lessons if they are behaving in a manner to disrupt teaching and learning, or are demonstrating a poor attitude toward their studies. If their behaviour does not improve, pupils will be removed from the lesson by a member of the senior team, resulting in an after-school detention including a restorative conversation with the relevant member of staff. If a pupil is removed from more than one lesson in the same day, they will remain out of circulation for the remainder of that day and parents/carers will be contacted.

If an incident warrants a sanction, the teacher must complete the details on Go4Schools on the same day as the incident. For persistent misconduct, or other concerns, pupils may be placed on report by Tutor, Head of Years, Head of Departments or the Senior Team. Subject and pastoral reports last a minimum of 2 weeks, or 6 lessons. Individual Behaviour Plans (IBPs) last 6 weeks and Pastoral Support Plans (PSPs) last 16 weeks. A record of all reports and plans will be kept and these will be reviewed regularly with staff and parental involvement.

See the Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy at the left hand side of this page for more information and details of sanctions relating to serious incidents, and other provision. 

Monitoring Achievement and Behaviour

Tutors analyse weekly reports of the achievements and behaviours of those in their form. This informs their conversations with those pupils and enables them to build up an accurate picture of their tutees. Achievement and behaviour points are used to facilitate an inter-house competition. In this way, positive peer pressure is exerted on pupils across the school.

Parental Access

Parents/carers can view achievement and behaviour information via their Go4Schools login.

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