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Year 7 Life Skills

Overview of content

Life Skills is not a national curriculum subject and is only taught in year 7.

It aims to introduce students to the science of learning and will include elements (at the right level) of neuroscience and learning theories.  It also aims to enhance students’ literacy and love of learning.  The course is varied, and teachers may choose to vary the order of lessons depending on the need of the class.

Programme of Study

Half term

Topics studied; skills and knowledge

How this will be assessed

Autumn - 1

Literacy and languages.

Learning and neuroscience.

Compassion, resilience and self-confidence.

UN Rights of the Child.

There will be no formal assessment or reporting of this subject.

Autumn - 2

Mindset and memory techniques.

Time and timetables.

Emotions, facial expressions and body language.

British Sign Language.

Spring - 1

Messages from art.

Positive news and personal values.

Spring - 2

More literacy.

Budgeting/personal finances.

Social rules.


Summer - 1

More about money management.

School design.

Game design.

Summer - 2


Critical thinking.

Letter writing.

Social behaviours.


Homework may take the form of research ahead of a lesson, or to apply a skill learned.  The homework will be occasional, not regular.

Learning outside the classroom/ Parental support and extension

The topics we cover may provoke conversations in your home – students may ask you questions about your schooling, experience or views on some topics.  Please indulge them!

More information

Some of the tasks that we undertake involve making items; please ensure that your child has coloured pencils and glue in their pencil case.

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