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Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3

Learning a language equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to explore new countries and cultures both near and far. At Melbourn Village College, our students learn both Spanish and Chinese Mandarin – two of the world’s leading languages – from year 7.

Spoken in 31 different countries, by around 427 million people, the Spanish language opens doors not just to Spain, but also to diverse countries across Central and South America. All our students learn Spanish at Key Stage 3, using the ¡Viva! course books. Students are encouraged to take part in the linguistic and cultural visit to Spain in Year 8 and to participate in the other events we arrange with our Spanish link schools.

All our students from Year 7 have the opportunity to learn Mandarin – using the Jin Bu course books – which is spoken by 70% of all Chinese people, and around 897 million people across the globe. We were the first school in the county to teach Chinese Mandarin – the ‘language of the future’ - as part of the curriculum. We’re delighted to announce that our first cohort of Chinese Mandarin students can opt for GCSE for the first time, starting in September 2019.

In addition to their Modern Foreign Language lessons, pupils also have the opportunity to participate in:

  • the Year 7 Foreign Language Spelling Bee and the Year 8 and 9 Translation Bee events
  • a Year 8 Spanish immersion visit to Cantabria
  • joint MVC / Spanish school experiences at MVC and other local areas
  • a Year 10 work experience in Spain
  • the Mandarin Excellence Programme, an enhanced learning opportunity, which includes a heavily subsidised trip to China
  • a Chinese Exchange visit


We have six Modern Foreign Language teachers at Melbourn Village College:

  • Mrs R Lawrence (Deputy Principal/Acting Head of MFL/Teacher of Spanish and French)
  • Mrs I Stanley (Teacher of Spanish)
  • Miss J Correa (Teacher of Spanish)
  • Mr F Fan (Teacher of Chinese Mandarin)
  • Mr B Chen (Teacher of Chinese Mandarin)
  • Miss J Shi (Hanban Teacher of Chinese Mandarin 2018-2019)


In Key Stage 3 one homework per week is set. For our new course, Viva 1, students can complete homework tasks on ActiveLearn.  All students receive log-in details for the site and are set assignments by their class teacher.  Additional reading, writing tasks or vocabulary tasks will be set to reinforce the learning.

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Each half term there will be an assessment in two of the four skills (listening, reading, writing speaking) which is awarded a level. This will be followed by + of - to indicate whether the piece is towards the top or bottom of the level.  All four skills will have been assessed by the end of each term.

Key Stage 4

Learn a language and go places! In years 10 and 11 students at Melbourn Village College have the opportunity to study Mandarin and / or Spanish for GCSE.  If you enjoy communicating with other people, finding out how language works and learning about different countries and cultures, studying a GCSE in a Modern Foreign Language is an excellent choice for you!

You will:

  • be able to share your interests, ideas and opinions with other people who speak the language
  • learn about countries where the language is spoken
  • add an international dimension to your choice of GCSE subjects, which is something many employers and higher education providers look for
  • learn many skills which are useful in a wide range of careers, such as the ability to communicate clearly, being confident about speaking in public and using problem solving strategies
  • create greater opportunities to work abroad, or for companies in the UK with international links. Many employers look for people with language skills.

More information about what’s on offer can be found by clicking on the link below:

Everybody is somebody