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iPads for learning

Our Aims

At Melbourn Village College we are comitted to giving every student the best education possible.  There is no doubt that digital technology will continue to transform the workplace and all aspects of our lives.  We have a responsibility to our students to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in that 21st century workplace: to be digitally literate; to be able to think and work independently; to be able to problem-solve and to collaborate with one another.  We believe that technology can place a crucial role in the classroom, transforming the learning opportunities available to our students.

Using 1:1 devices

We believe that embracing more fully the potential of the use of IT in the education process can help students to:

  • Learn powerfully
  • Learn for life
  • Learn from each other

The use of iPads by students on a 1:1 basis has the potential to:

  • provide opportunities to enhance students' overall learning experience
  • give access to learning anywhere, anytime - both in classrooms and at home
  • narrow the digital divide between students
  • encourage students to become more independent in their learning
  • personalise learning to suit individual students
  • provide opportunities to create and share work

We believe that iPads empower us to work together to open new avenues to learning, so that our students are flexible, creative and better prepared for the future.

Yr 7 Pilot Project

Our decision to introduce iPads for learning was also informed by a pilot project we undertook one of a number which took place across the Cam Academy Trust.  Two of our Yr7 classes were allocated iPads and used them for a six week period.  Feedback from all those who have been involved in the project was overwhelmingly positive.  Some of the results from these surveys are contained within the powerpoint presentation attached to this webpage.

Our iPad for Learning Scheme

We are now excited to have introduced our iPad for Learning scheme at MVC. For more information see the presentation below.

This scheme is funded using voluntary parental contributions towards a three-year (Key Stage 3) or two-year (Key Stage 4) lease.  It is run in conjunction with Albion, an Apple Solution Expert for Education ( and the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation (, a charity whose mission is to work with schools and their parents to provide devices to students, so that they can use technology for learning both in school and at home.  The College will make no profit from the parental contribution.

Through the scheme, students receive an 8th generation iPad, case and screen protector, wall charger, full insurance for the iPad against damage and theft, all software and applications needed and technical support during school hours.

At the end of the lease, iPads can be handed back to the school or purchased for a fair market price for personal use at home.

Questions about the Scheme

We hope that most questions regarding iPads for learning will be addressed through the presentation above.  In addition, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document (see lefthand menu) which tackles a number of questions that have been raised across the Trust in relation to this scheme.

If you can't find the answer to your question or would like further information, please email 

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