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Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Activities

Enrichment - We have an exciting new vision for life beyond the classroom.

The enrichment activities that take place at Melbourn have been wide and varied. However, we feel that increasing the number and quality of enrichment is vital for all students and will allow them to flourish both in and out of lessons. We have an exciting programme, which includes both activities which are integrated into the main curriculum time and a full timetable of after-school activities. Details on the integrated curriculum activities are available through departments. 

The current term's sports fixtures and tournaments will be shown and available for download from the panel on the side of this page when finalised. You can also download a list of websites for local sports clubs.

Please note that due to staff training there will be no enrichment on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 15th September 2020
  • Tuesday 13th October 2020
  • Tuesday 17th November 2020
  • Tuesday 15th December 2020
  • Tuesday 26th January 2021
  • Tuesday 2nd March 2021
  • Tuesday 13th April 2021
  • Tuesday 11th May 2021
  • Tuesday 15th June 2021
  • Tuesday 13th July 2021


Duke of Edinburgh Award

Founded in 1956, the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Among its key principles are that it is non-competitive, achievement-focused and available to all. It provides a balanced, flexible and progressive program aimed at personal development. It is very highly regarded by employers, rating higher than work experience in recent surveys.

We offer the DofE Bronze Award during Year 9, and students are now able to start working towards their Award as soon as they are enrolled. The Practice Expedition takes place during the Summer Term of Year 9 with the Assessed Expedition shortly afterwards.

Expedition kit hire

You are able to hire group equipment from the school in return for a small fee. We are currently offer tents and stoves for hire. If you are interested in taking advantage of this please complete our online form. Your son or daughter will need to login with their school email address and password to be able to view it. 

Buying individual kit for expeditions

The first thing to do is to read the official guidance from the DofE which is designed for particpants and parents. Next is to either use the online kit list (also downloadable as an app) or print a kit list and work out what you already have. Next see what you can borrow from family or friends and finally buy anything else that you need.

The list is exhaustive and includes everything you might need but not everything is required. If you are unsure, after reading the guidance, what is required or optional contact your DofE leader for advice. 

Some items will be shared between the group, like tents and stoves. It is not necessary or practical for everyone to bring their own. Coordinate with your group to make sure that you do not bring duplicates of the same item.

If you are buying your own tent check to make sure it is on the recommended list of DofE tents. These tents have been tested to make sure they are lightweight and waterproof.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

This is an adventurous and life-enhancing programme currently available to young people in Years 11 and 12 and takes place over four weeks during the summer holidays. Participants embark on an outdoor adventure residential, followed by a local residential week to enhance their personal skills. The final two weeks are spent designing and delivering a project that will have a positive impact on their community. The cost of the programme previously has been £50 or £10 for those receiving Free School Meals. Bursaries are also available.

Read feedback from former Melbourn students here.

Places are offered on a first-come, first served basis. Further details will be available in the Sping term.


Work Experience

Work experience involves moving learning from the classroom into the world of work. Students will learn about work and the workplace, but more importantly, they will learn about themselves as a young adult, their skills for employment and personal qualities. The form for students arranging their own placements is available in the panel on the side of this page.

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