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Physical Education

Physical Education vision: 

  • To encourage pupils to develop physically and acquire the highest possible level of attainment & achievement in the skills and techniques which form part of the P.E curriculum.
  • To provide a variety of opportunities, both competitive and non-competitive, in which pupils can enjoy the experience and achieve success.
  • To promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and encourage pupils to have an understanding of their body, its capabilities and needs.
  • To encourage pupils to use leisure time positively and constructively and make them aware of opportunities.
  • To develop pupils into mature young people who are able to lead both their own and others’ learning.
  • To make pupils aware that PE and school sport is an effective tool in providing life skills that can be transferred across to other subjects and everyday life and that can lead to a rich and fulfilling life.

Key Stage 3

Taking part in regular physical activities is essential in the development of a young person. The benefits of physical education (PE) are numerous and range from improved physical fitness, self-discipline, skill and motor development to knowledge and understanding in leadership and coaching.

At Melbourn Village College we have a broad curriculum that allows pupils to develop skills in a wide variety of sports, including netball, hockey, rugby, football, basketball, athletics, rounders, cricket, tennis, gymnastics, badminton, swimming and table tennis.

At both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 all pupils have two hours of PE a week. This can be increased by the enrichment programme and fixtures that are available after school. In Years 9 and 10 we also offer a sports leaders course where pupils are able to lead sporting activities to younger pupils at Melbourn Village College and local primary schools.

Our curriculum

At KS3 all pupils are taught in mixed ability classes which are usually single sex. Boys study rugby, badminton, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, health-related exercise, tennis, rounders, cricket and athletics. Girls study the same curriculum, but exchange rugby for hockey and also study netball. In KS3 pupils are encouraged to take an active role, which could be performing, officiating, evaluating or leading.

Key Stage 4

Our curriculum

At Key Stage 4 all pupils have 2 x 1 hour of PE lessons per week and are taught in mixed ability classes usually single sex. The pupils decide upon their own curriculum as long as they meet the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. They can study all the sports from Key Stage 3 but with the addition of Aerobics, Trampolining, Boxercise, Table Tennis, Football, Handball, Fitness Training, Dodgeball and Volleyball. Our aim in this Key Stage is to promote life-long participation in physical activity and this is represented by the pupils choice and range of activities available.

We also offer GCSE PE as an option for Key Stage 4 pupils where they will have an extra 2/3 hours per week of PE lessons. Pupils are assessed in 3 sports and there are also 2 theory units examined in May of Year 11. We use OCR course J587 (9-1). Click the link below to be taken to the OCR website.

Teaching Staff

Mrs K Coghlan Head of PE
Mr R Barlow Teacher of PE (Examination Course Leader)
Miss C Evans Teacher of PE (Sports Leader Co-ordinator)


For more details of this terms fixtures and tournaments please contact the PE Department.


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