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Year 6 Intake Day success

28th June 2018

Melbourn’s newest students enjoyed a taste of things to come when they spent the day in lessons at the college.

The Year 6 students, who will be starting in Year 7 in September, from a number of different primary schools began life at secondary school on Intake Day.

Ably assisted by Melbourn’s prefects they were guided round the school to a range of lessons including maths, science, PE, music, drama, art, where they gave pottery a go and DT.

They had the chance to sample the delicious food prepared by long-serving catering manager Lynn Gregory and some also travelled to and from the day on the school buses they will use in September to complete the experience.

Kelly Coghlan, who oversees primary liaison and will be their Head of Year in September, said: “When I asked them if they’d had a great day, every single child put their hand up.

“Our prefects were with the new pupils all day and were a great help ensuring that they had a good day.

“We are now looking forward to seeing all our new students in September after a relaxing summer.”

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