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Year 6 G & T Maths

14th November 2017

Frogs were the hopping across the classroom at Melbourn Village College when 30 primary school pupils spent the day at their local secondary school – but only metaphorically.

The Year 6 youngsters from seven schools were at Melbourn to experience a Maths Gifted and Talented Day.

The session focused on how many hops it would take an army of frogs to swap from one side of the class to another.

The students learned how to form algebraic rules and spot patterns through experimentation. Towards the end of the session, they created a web animation to show others how to do it themselves.

Maths teacher Liz Neville said: “I was impressed with all the students and how quickly the spotted the patterns throughout. There are some excellent Mathematicians in the group.”

James Richardson, who teaches computing and led the animation section said: “It is always great to see enthusiastic students engaged in challenging tasks. I’m looking forward to seeing them at Melbourn next year.”

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