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Students make their own film

13th June 2019

Students from the Cabin at Melbourn recently had the fantastic opportunity to work with Peter Harmer, a professional documentary maker.
The project involved the students making a film from start to finish. They wrote the script, worked out the visual telling of the story and completed the filming and sound recording. The film was put together with great success and will form part of the ‘Big Trouble Little Pictures’ Film Festival showing at the Light Cinema in July.
Emma-Louise, one of the students who participated in the making of the short film, talked about her experiences on set:“It was a wonderful experience to be able to interact with someone who has so much experience with short films, documentaries, and the media world in general.
“Being on the set was a real eye-opener to how movies and shows are made. Who knew you needed so many different camera angles and techniques for one scene! I think this opportunity has been worthwhile for all of us!”
The film ‘The Coffee Heist’ was showcased, along with films made by other students in the region, at the Light Cinema on 8 and 9 July as part of Cambridge Junction’s film festival, ‘Big Trouble Little Pictures’.

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