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Students air their views

9th May 2019

Councillor Susan Van de Ven made a follow up visit this week to a Year 7 Citizenship class to discuss the big local issues that students are concerned about.

She talked to students about the role of the council and what her job involves as a county councillor for the Melbourn and Bassingbourn District. Students had completed a survey about their views on local and national issues; by far the biggest concerns were road safety, cycling paths and litter, and students were able to put their concerns to Susan directly.

Students were passionate about the environment and had a number of practical suggestions for its improvement.

We then moved onto the more thorny issues of school funding, Brexit and Westminster politics in general.

As a result of Susan’s visit, students will be invited to take part in a local litter picking event and be invited to hold a school-based vote for the upcoming European Parliament elections. Many Year 7s have voiced concern that the big decisions being taken in Britain today will long impact their generation, so this should be an interesting experience for students.

Head of Citizenship, Mrs Gunner commented that: “the Citizenship curriculum covers all major UK political parties as well as a variety of local and national political issues and it was fascinating to see students giving their views directly to a local politician.”   

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