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SLT Update Sept 7th 2018

10th September 2018

  • Our new Year 7 students have made an excellent start this week. Well done to all of you on your efforts and enthusiasm. Keep it up.
  • You may be aware that we have welcomed a huge number of new students in all years this week. Please bear with us while we assess them and adjust our groupings accordingly, to ensure that all our students are well placed to achieve their best.
  • On 23rd August, we said congratulations to our lovely Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE results and we wish them well as they start the next phase of their life. I also urge any student who feels he/she has made the wrong post-16 decision to contact me so I can offer support. We don’t forget you!
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are a member of The Cam Academy Trust. We work closely with the other schools at all levels to give our students the best deal possible. Our 5 core principles are:

The excellence principle - Education must be of the very highest standard.

The comprehensive principle - Education must be for all kinds and abilities.

The community principle - Every Academy must be at the heart of its local community and serve it well.

The partnership principle - Each Academy must seek to work positively in partnership with others for mutual benefit.

The international principle - The curriculum inside and outside the classroom must have a clear international dimension.

  • We have received information on Parenting Workshops, the first one being at 10am on on 24th September on ‘Understanding Challenging Behaviour’. All workshops are at Northstowe Community Centre. Please phone 01954 286012 to book a place. Booking is essential.


Regina Lawrence

Deputy Principal

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