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GCSE Results 2023

24th August 2023

I am really impressed with the results that our students have achieved this year which clearly show the potential of our students who have clearly formed positive relationships with their staff. I am really impressed by how our students and staff have worked together to overcome the challenges they have experienced in recent years to ensure that our students could confidently sit their examinations. Overall, the standards achieved by our students are at least the same as those gained in 2019. Therefore, despite the warnings we have received about standards being reset to pre pandemic levels our students have clearly demonstrated the success which they are capable of. In particular the following subjects have achieved the following pass rates at grade 5 and above:

Art               86%

Statistics    100%

Mandarin     86%

PE                71%

Physics         86%

Chemistry     77%

These results clearly show the excellent results that our students supported by our staff can achieve. The success of students demonstrates the improvements being made at Melbourn Village College which are supporting our students to attain higher qualifications, giving them greater opportunities for the rest of their lives.

C. Bennet

24th August 2023

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