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Covid 19 Testing at MVC

26th January 2021

On Monday 25th January, Simon Holmes was interviewed by Ben Schofield from Look East about Covid-19 Lateral Flow testing at MVC.

"Since the start of term, the two test stations at MVC have administered between 200 and 300 tests. Students are tested once a week and staff around twice a week.  So far these tests have not found a single positive case. However, the tests aren’t fool-proof and can miss some positives, but they do offer reassurance”

Mr Holmes noted that it was going to be difficult to scale up the testing operation once all the pupils returned. "There would likely be a short period of time where we are going to need a lot of additional staff to run a lot of tests. However, when schools do reopen, testing will surely be one of the key measures in place that will help schools stay open."

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