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Celebration of Ages

23rd May 2019

A group of Year 9 students went to the Celebration of Ages dinner at the Cambridge Motel.

The 23 students were organised into two teams led by Jennifer and Ben and both teams were responsible for serving and lunch, pudding and refreshments to the 19 tables and clearing up after each course.

The students talked to some of the elderly from the local community and were very attentive and genuinely engaged with guests.

Health and Social Care teacher Charlotte Joyce said: “As the pupils have just chosen their options, they had not been taught about the communication skills that they need to use in health and social care environments. However, all of the pupils were very polite and worked very well in the environment. “

A small group assisted with the raffle, drawing out the winning numbers and handing out the prizes. Three students also won at the raffle and Miss Joyce was delighted to hear that as one guest was walking out to go home, one of the girls who’d won a prize called out to her and asked if she would like the chocolates she had won.

“That was a very special moment from a special young lady,” said Miss Joyce. 
The owners, Mr Aristo and his family, were also very pleased with the students and their work ethic, saying that they were a fantastic team. 

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