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Students' revision boost

11th January 2018

GCSE students at Melbourn Village College have been given a boost with free revision guides.

They are usually asked to purchase these but this year some of the £100,000 over two years donated to the science department by local technology firm TTP has funded these.

Those currently in Year 10 studying triple science were given three CGP guides, one each for physics, chemistry and biology, while those studying combined science received one book covering the whole course.

Each one has a bookplate in the front marking TTP’s contribution.

Head of Science Simon Callow said: “I am really pleased to be able to use some of the money gifted to the college to provide revision guides to all students studying Science.

“When I first learned about TTP’s generous donation I want to make sure that we used it to support teaching and learning within the department in a multitude of different ways.

“One area in particular was the idea that it would be nice to do something that directly benefitted students and families within our local community and we felt that the purchasing of revision guides for families rather than by them could be one such gesture.

“It may be a small saving for each family but it is nice to see a supporting link between local businesses, schools and the surrounding community, especially within the backdrop of tough economic times for many.

“Of course, the second, and perhaps more important benefit, is that all students in Year 10 have a guaranteed revision resource.

“TTP’s donation now means that all students have another resource to support their educational journey and I hope that this is one that ends in success for as many of our students as possible.”

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