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Pupil Voice

House System

The house system provides valuable opportunities for pupils to work towards a common goal with children from various backgrounds and with different experiences. The system benefits pupils in Key Stage 3 by providing role models, and allows older pupils the chance to take on the responsibility (as House Prefects and Captains) of organising activities and helping to solve any problems raised by their peers in the process.

The house system celebrates achievement and promotes the sense of community and collaboration within the school. The names of the Houses are:







School Council

Melbourn believes in giving every pupil an opportunity to have a say about their school. The whole pupil body is given the opportunity to feedback on events through a variety of meetings and make suggestions about what the School Council should be tackling via their house representatives.

The School Council consists of the Head Prefect team, the house captains and representatives from each form. They meet every half term to discuss and implement ideas that have been raised. They also form Focus Groups to explore particular issues in more depth. In the past, pupils have been involved in making decisions about uniform, use of mobile technology and reviewing the rewards and sanctions policy. The house system at Melbourn Village College provides a wide range of opportunities for pupils to adopt leadership roles. Pupils in each house can apply to be a prefect or house captain and work alongside tutors to organise events and activities.

We have now extended our pupil voice and joined representatives from other members of The Cam Academy Trust. This allows different ideas and opinions to be discussed, adding greater consistency across the schools.


The Prefects

The Prefects welcome you to the Melbourn Village College family which has helped us, endlessly, with achieving things we never thought possible. The school has supported us throughout our years here at MVC. We hope you enjoy you time at Melbourn as much as we did, working with the staff and other pupils to succeed now and in the future. At MVC everybody really is somebody.

The Prefects.


Everybody is somebody