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Learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

We will use this page to keep parents updated about the learning we are setting for your children.


School is open to vulnerable pupils and those whose parents/carers are critical workers.

These pupils are expected in school every day unless they are unwell or self-isolating.

If a pupil has to self-isolate because they or a family member have symptoms, please let the school know ASAP.  We will try to provide work for the pupils to keep up with their classes; this may take several forms but is likely to involve the use of IT facilities.


Other work

Have you ever fancied learning British Sign Language?  Look in the CATalogue under Citizenship/KS3 and you will find a document with links to useful videos and a link to an online course that has reduced its fees during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Also linked on the side of this page.

Puzzle Corner  !!NEW!!

What have you been doing to exercise your mind?

Do you like crosswords or sudoku?

Here's a fun one - train tracks (from The Times) - see the Train Tracks puzzles link on the side of the page!  - a whole page of interesting puzzles.

James Dyson Challenges - loads of interesting things to try out at home.


Visit the British Museum without leaving home 







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