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Coronavirus Information

Lockdown - January 2021

School is now closed to all pupils except children of Key Workers, children with EHCPs and those invited by the school.

All other pupils should be accessing their classes online.

Please use the document linked on the side of this page for details of how pupils should access online lessons, and for some extra tips:

Learning At Home This document is being updated regularly - keep visiting it!

Information about the curriculum through the lockdown, for parents and other people interested, can be found in the document 'Lockdown Curriculum' downloadable from this page.

New Bus Routes from Wed 20th January:

Route 1

07:35 Thriplow

07:50 Heydon

08:22 Fowlmere

08:27 Foxton


Route 2

08:00 Hauxton

08:05 Harston

08:10 Barrington Glebe Road

08:14 Barrington Royal Oak

08:20 Shepreth Memorial

Wellbeing and health

We understand that during this difficult time all of our pupils need to keep healthy both physically and mentally.  Some pupils may also need to access the school pastoral team for some additional support.  We have created a page for these purposes and will add material and suggestions to it as we move forwards together.

Link to well-being and health support during school closure.


Financial Hardship

We know that some people will be experiencing changes to their working hours or have lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

If you are now claiming some benefits, you may be entitled to Free School Meals and Pupil Premium.  if you would like further details and/or to apply, please download the form attached on the side of this page.



Everybody is somebody