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Covid-19 information


Well-being and health

We understand that during this difficult time all of our pupils need to keep healthy both physically and mentally.  Some pupils may also need to access the school pastoral team for some additional support.  We have created a page for these purposes and will add material and suggestions to it as we move forwards together.

Link to well-being and health support during school closure.


Learning continuation

We are committed to ensuring the continuation of the education of all of our pupils despite the current situation with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have therefore made arrangements for pupils to access appropriate learning; much of this will be accessible online.

If you are unable to access online resources please contact:   and we will attempt to make other arrangements.

Pupils with special needs should contact their keyworker or .


Work for pupils

Pupils should access Go4Schools to see what work each teacher has set for them to complete. (Available as a link from the Login webpage of this site.)

Resources for the lessons will be accessible from the CATalogue: .

From here pupils can access learning resources and apps (from Office 365) as well as their own school emails and OneDrive.

Children have all been shown how to access CATalogue and Office365 in their computing lessons but it might still be useful for all pupils to practise accessing SMHW and CATalogue in advance of any closure. In the event of any issues accessing resources please contact MEL-ITHelpdesk.

Please look at 'How to access IT (pupils)' - this shows how to access all programs needed, how to access lesson resources and where to save your work.

Financial Hardship

We know that some people will be experiencing changes to their working hours or have lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

If you are now claiming some benefits, you may be entitled to Free School Meals and Pupil Premium.  if you would like further details and/or to apply, please download the form attached on the side of this page.


Policy changes for school closure and re-opening

In order to operate during the school closure and to re-open the school to year 10 we ahve conducted rigourous risk assessments and amended policies as appropriate.

On the side of this page you can find our updated Risk Assessment and Equalities Impact statement (as one document) and an addendum to our Safeguarding policy; both of these cover the current period and will be subject to change if any of the guidance or school conditions are altered.


Everybody is somebody