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School Transport

Pupils in Years 7-11 living in Melbourn's catchment villages will be eligible for free bus transport provided by Cambridgeshire County Council if they are more than three miles from the College.

Bus passes will be allocated by the County Council according to where you live and pupils should only alight the bus at the allocated bus-stop.  Pupils must have their bus-pass with them on each journey, or they may not be allowed to travel on the bus.  Pupils may not travel on a bus other than their designated bus.

Any queries about your child's pass or if it doesn't automatically arrive during the summer holidays should be directed to the council at or by telephoning 0345 045 5208. Lost passes must be replaced at a cost of £8.50 and this can be done online by clicking here.

A temporary pass can be obtained from the school Reception, which can be used for a fortnight while the new one is being processed.

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