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You can read our latest Ofsted Report here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plan for improving the school?

This is now available via a link on the school website within the ‘Ofsted’ page under 'About Us'. (To follow)

How will I know the school is improving?

This is an obvious concern for all, with details of the school improvement published within the 
governors minutes (ratified) which are available via the Clerk to the Governors 

Personal experience is another way of finding out about the school. Please contact your Head of 
Year to arrange a visit to MVC during the school day.

How can parents help?

Many parents have offered their support. One method could be via joining our Governing Board if 
there are vacancies. Please contact the Clerk to the Governors for further information

Ensure your child is ready for learning, be that having the right equipment, homework completed, 
uniform correct and taking opportunities to discuss their current experiences at school. As I have 
clearly stated previously, we, as a school, want to continuously improve. We can not do this without 
the support and feedback from parents.

What are you doing to improve behaviour?

As adults, we know the importance of building positive relationships in order to be able to influence 
the actions of others. This is why our behaviour policy was reworded Positive Relationships policy as 
it focuses upon relationships and both positive and negative consequences for students’ behaviour 
choices. Expectations have been highlighted to students and staff, with training being regularly
delivered to the staff as a whole or individuals as appropriate.

Our systems for monitoring the behaviour choices of students are becoming stronger, allowing us to 
identify issues, put in place appropriate consequences and measure their impact. But if such 
approaches do not work, the full range of consequences I can apply are available and have been 
used this term.

As adults, I believe, we want our young people to make the right behaviour choices consistently,
which is why we are moving towards a more proactive approach to behaviour management. Using 
our tracking data to inform our teaching (e.g. Personal Development, tutor time and assemblies) 
about negative behaviours and their impact, whilst further recognising the positive choices made by 
the vast majority of our students.

Will the Ofsted judgement impact upon my child’s education?

No. We are all working to improve the school which will have a positive effect upon our students’ 

Will teachers be distracted from their teaching?

Teachers want to be focussed upon their work with students, which is why we provide a broad range 
of developmental opportunities in which staff engage. Our monitoring procedures are already in 
place with just amendment to our practice occurring. Before the impact of our changes can be 
measured, students need to be taught consistently well for an extended period of time.

How will we measure the progress towards achieving the targets set by Ofsted?

We will triangulate our quality assurance procedures through:

  • Lesson observations
  • Data reviews of academic progress/behaviours
  • Student voice

We will also quality assure the processes we use by working with external partners, for example the 
Trust Director of Education who is a practising Lead Ofsted inspector.

Can I view the outcomes of the quality assurance process?

This is the role of governors with the relevant meeting minutes when ratified being available via the 
Clerk to the Governors (

When will we be inspected again?

A full inspection as a result of which the school’s Ofsted grade can be changed, will take place within 
two and a half years of the initial inspection date.

Before that inspection, a monitoring visit will take place. It is possible that this monitoring visit can 
be converted into a graded inspection. This visit usually takes place about a year after the initial 
inspection. I would expect this to take place by the end of the Autumn term 2024.

Mandarin Excellence Programme
The school remains and will remain, part of the MEP programme which at Melbourn Village College 
achieves results that are significantly higher than the national average. This is within the agreement 
that we use to support this work. I appreciate some parents have raised questions about the MEP, 
but I have now received written confirmation that MVC will remain part of this programme.

Several parents have stated that they wish for greater communication regarding the work of the school. Therefore:

  • Contact lists will be made clearer on the website
  • Mr Bennet will write more frequently to all parents regarding the impact of our work on addressing the issues identified by Ofsted and by ourselves
  • Included in this letter will be an article focussed on one particular aspect of the school
  • Parent Panel Minutes will be available from the end of January

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