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Language Leaders

13th July 2017

Four students from Melbourn Village College have just completed their Language Leaders award.

The Year 9 students, Penny Lowe, Lucy Dickinson, Jacob Daniels and Libby Mott, have just completed the year-long programme by teaching their final lessons to primary pupils.

The award, supported by Routes into Languages East, started with a training day at the University of Cambridge where the students received training to help them teach two lessons each in their chosen language.

All the Melbourn students chose Spanish and spent one lunchtime a week developing the skills required to effectively communicate with the primary pupils, direct and manage activities, plan activities and take the initiative.

They then went to Fowlmere Primary School to deliver their lessons and afterwards received certificates and pin badges which they can now wear on their uniform through Years 10 and 11.

Penny Lowe said: “It was a really good experience but the preparation was actually the hardest part; delivering the lessons was easier because we had done the preparation so we knew what we wanted to say.

“None of the children had done Spanish before, only French. We worked with Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 and taught them different things. With Years 3 and 4 we did numbers and simple phrases and with the older ones we did food.

“It was a fun and I would recommend it. We did work hard throughout the year but we enjoyed it. It helped with teamwork as we were with the same friends during the whole time and had to continue working with them. It also helped with confidence as we had to stand up in front of a whole class and give them instructions and get them to listen to us.”

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